Empowering pet owners and local communities to
reduce abandoned animal populations through spay
& neuter, pet retention & reclamation, and education.

We need your help. They need your love.


Bark Avenue Foundation was founded in 2004 by animal-lover and advocate, Melanie Pozez. Ms. Pozez was no stranger to animal issues as she founded Chicago Canine Rescue Foundation in 1999, gifting it when she and her husband relocated to Los Angeles. CCRF is still making a significant difference in shelter animal placement today!

A philanthropist at heart, Ms. Pozez has worked for many years with nonprofit efforts to positively effect change for the Jewish community, homeless men and women, and of course, homeless animals and the shelter system. Since it’s founding, Bark Avenue Foundation has helped thousands of animals find homes and receive medical care and sterilization surgery that their owners may not otherwise have been able to provide.

Bark Avenue Foundation has served the animals of Los Angeles and surrounding communities with unique programs for more than 9 years. BAF has partnered with organizations such as ASPCA, Subaru, rescues, and shelter systems, offering successful programs for rescue and shelter support, unique adoption events, microchip marathons, free spay/neuter, and safety net services for at-risk pet owners.


BAF envisions a day when every pet has a home, and when every pet owner has the resources they need to keep and care for their companion animals.


Working with communities and nonprofit partners, BAF provides spay/neuter funding, pet tags and microchips, education and support to pet owners in Los Angeles and surrounding communities.