Empowering pet owners and local communities to
reduce abandoned animal populations through spay
& neuter, pet retention & reclamation, and education.

We need your help. They need your love.


Although rescue and adoption is not our main focus, we often find ourselves involved with rescue while doing other important animal welfare work. BAF also works closely with the Downey Animal Shelter which serves the unincorporated areas of East LA, where we focus most of our programs. We also partner with humane pet stores and other rescue organizations in the Los Angeles area to take pets in urgent need.

Interested in adopting a new pet? Consider some of our adoptable pets, or these incredible animals available for adoption at the Downey Shelter. Don’t see who you’re looking for? We’ve compiled a wealth of additional resources to help in your search.

Here are some rescue and adoption stories to warm your heart.

Two puppies

I was heading into the East Valley Shelter last week to photograph some dogs and cats that were available for adoption and I came across a woman and her daughter at the front door. They were holding the most adorable puppies.  I thought to myself “How sweet! They just adopted those 2  …Continue Reading →

Violet and Max: FOSTERS NEEDED!

One of our volunteers called.  She heard about these two that were left behind when a family moved away.  “Heck, we’re moving, they can fend for themselves.  Too much of a pain to take them with us.” This is what it sounds like in our heads when we hear about these t …Continue Reading →

Craigslist is NOT an alternative to spay/neuter

ADOPTED!!!  Our rescue partner, #SocialTees @DimitriaMollossi, saw an ad on Craigslist on Saturday night.  Dimitra does that…looks on Craigslist to try to save as many animals as she can that she sees posted in the free section.  She saw one by a woman who was annoyed by her dau …Continue Reading →

SocialTees to the rescue

How adorable are these little ones?  Would you believe they are yet more victims of being dumped at a high-kill shelter?  Or, I should say ATTEMPTED to dump.  Bark Avenue Foundation happened to be there and intercepted them. They were just under the age limit for the shelter to accept …Continue Reading →

Left on the side of the road

ADOPTED!!!  We got a call from a volunteer who found this little guy in a box on the side of the road, just twenty steps away from the shelter.  The “owners” didn’t even have the courtesy to at least bring him in! Better to leave him on the street, alone, and absolut …Continue Reading →

Millie the mama pitbull

UPDATE: Millie is fully healed, has gained weight and was adopted by a loving family!  Here is a picture of her lounging about in her forever home. WARNING -THE IMAGES IN THIS POST ARE EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. Millie, a beautiful blue pitbull, who was not spayed, and as a result had puppies …Continue Reading →

Ryder catches a ride to freedom with Bark Avenue Foundation

Can you stand the cute? This little guy is Ryder. He’s an absolutely gorgeous, 4 month old pure bred Siberian Husky.  Ryder was at a shelter. Can you believe that? Purebred puppy.  Well, it seems that Ryder is sick with Parvo. Easier to dump him at a shelter than get him help.   …Continue Reading →

The importance of microchip registration

This poor baby was found under a car, petrified, filthy and obviously injured. He was taken to the local shelter where they checked the little guy for a microchip. He had one. But the number it listed was no longer in service. There was no way to track down his owner. But because of t …Continue Reading →

Halloween rescue mission

October 31, 2014- Bark Avenue Foundation was contacted for help by an animal lover who got in over her head. Finding stray animals in her neighborhood and taking them in as well as accepting animals from people who have come to know her as the dog lady, she quickly found herself with  …Continue Reading →

5 Chihuahua Puppies

Barney, Fred, Dino & Wilma- Available for adoption! Chihuahua mix pups born on 9/4/2014, expected to be about 12# full grown. Typical puppies – full of energy, curious, playful and super adorable! These kiddos will need plenty of love, attention, exercise, structure and basi …Continue Reading →