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Bark Avenue Foundation is tackling the pet over population crisis through FREE and low-cost spay/neuter. The cost of fixing a pet is prohibitive for many pet owners resulting in accidental litters and animals surrendered to municipal shelters. Our goal is to make a significant impact on the  number of animals being abandoned and euthanized at our shelters.

If you live in Los Angeles County and you need help with spay/neuter, make an appointment under “Get Help” on this site, or contact BAF at

Bark Avenue Foundation

Latest Spay and Neuter Posts:

Victory is a Team Sport

Sometimes things go perfectly – everything that is supposed to happen does, and nothing that ISN’T supposed to happen happens.

Other times, things go awry – accidents happen, schedules get changed, ...

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Story Time: Loss, Survival, A Better Life Ahead

Every month we host 2-3 Free & Low-Cost spay/neuter clinics in Whittier, East LA, and Pasadena. We’re often fortunate eno vugh to be able to fix multiple pets that live within a household,Every month we host 2-3 Free & Low-Cost spay ...

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Our February 9th Whittier Narrows Spay/Neuter Clinic saw 37 pets get spayed/neutered, which – we know, we harp, but it’s true! – saved THOUSANDS of animals through prevention. And this wasn’t really OUR clinic… it was YOUR c ...

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We’re on a mission to #AlterTheFuture for pets

As you know, we’re on a mission to #AlterTheFuture for pets, and the number one way we do this is by working to spay & neuter as many pets as we can, preventing more litters from being born and also disease and cancer in the alt ...

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