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2016 Freedom Ride: 24 Pets Rescued!

In August, Bark Avenue Foundation hosted the 2016 Freedom Ride transporting 19 dogs and 5 kittens from high-kill shelters in Los Angeles to our partners in Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

All of these pets were on the euthanasia list in Los Angeles and have now been safely transported to our rescue partners, adopters, and no-kill shelters in nearby states. Each of the animals were spayed/neutered and given a new leash on life! We are proud to collaborate on this rescue effort with so many wonderful organizations, volunteers, and generous donors.

Los Angeles shelters are overcrowded with abandoned pets waiting to be adopted. It is the mission of Bark Avenue Foundation to curb the pet overpopulation crisis through spay/neuter, retention, reclamation, and humane education. Even with the happy ending for these 24 pets, there are still thousands of others whom will never make it out of the shelter and/or find their forever home.

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