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28 Dogs Saved from Hoarding Case in Duarte, CA

In February, Bark Avenue Foundation and community partners came together to save 28 dogs who were victims of a hoarding case in Duarte, CA. Bark Avenue Foundation was contacted by a community member about the dire situation and we were able to work with local law enforcement to coordinate rescue efforts of the animals.

The BAF team quickly connected rescue groups, volunteers, transporters, and veterinary partners to ensure the safety of the dogs.

Many of the animals were experiencing health complications including an enlarged heart, neurological challenges (see video below), liver issues, and more. Each of the dogs were given emergency veterinary assistance, grooming, and gentle care during their rescue. Many of the dogs are now with local rescue groups, foster volunteers, and/or have been adopted.

Special thanks to all of the rescues, volunteers, and donors who helped to save the lives of these animals.

Bark Avenue Foundation urgently needs your help to pay for the outstanding veterinary bills from this rescue and to support many more pets with emergency needs. Will you help us continue this work? You can make a difference with your generous gift today which will help with emergency veterinary costs, transport, boarding, foster care, and more for dogs and cats in need.

The dogs from the Duarte Case suffering from neurological issues are now safe with an emergency medical foster volunteer.