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A boxful of love

So many

Young animal lover saves 12 kittens

At last week’s Spay/Neuter clinic, a teenage girl named Anna showed up with literally a shopping cart full of kittens.  There were about 12 kittens, in crates that she borrowed from a local groomer.  The kittens were found under her neighbors home, their mother no where to be found.  Anna’s mom heard about our clinic from a flyer at Superior Grocers and was already planning to bring their dog in for spay.  Together they brought the kittens.  The rest of the kids tagged along.  Anna wants to be a vet one day and was very excited to have saved lives…

BAF thanked the wonderful family for caring enough to save these precious lives and happily took them into our care.  Fosters were desperately needed and fortunately, 2 were found.  The next issue is finding their forever home but in the meantime, they are safe, fed and loved.

Found the kitties