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A Puppy Emergency: Can you help?

On Friday, February 24th, Bark Avenue Foundation hosted a World Spay Day clinic in La Mirada providing free spay/neuter surgeries to the community. We met a man who shared his situation with us which included having seven 3-week old puppies, the mom and dad of the litter, and a younger dog from a previous litter. He had driven over an hour to get the dad of the litter neutered at BAF’s clinic that day. The puppies were living in a make-shift shed in a semi-truck mechanic’s yard. This man was in need of help and the BAF Team was there to assist in his desperate situation.

First, BAF scheduled appointments for the older animals to get spayed and neutered as soon as possible in order to stop more unwanted litters. Our team met with the man to assess the puppies and turned over 5 of the puppies to BAF’s care. The puppies were quickly brought to one of our veterinary partners for a health assessment. Unfortunately, the puppies were suffering from dehydration and fleas. They were given the TLC they needed with food, fluids, and a relaxing bath. From here, we transported the puppies to one of our rescue partners, Orange County German Shepherd Rescue, to get them on the road to adoption.

We are still working with this man to improve the conditions for his other animals and the remaining two puppies in the litter. These situations are challenging. Education and access to emergency veterinary services are truly the answer to combatting the pet overpopulation crisis for situations like these.

Puppies just like these need your help every day. Without donations, we are unable to continue to provide emergency veterinary assistance, spay/neuter surgeries, and the continuation of our transport program to get these animals to safety.

Donate now to help these puppies and many more animals in need!