A Salute to our Veterans

6 Nov, 2019
Bark Avenue Foundation

In honor of Veterans Days Monday, November 11, we extend our profound appreciation to those who have served. Veterans hold a special place in our hearts here at  BAF. We meet so many through our Unsheltered People and Pets (UPP) program. While government agencies can assist our veterans in terms of housing and health care, there are no government programs for these veterans’ pets. Often these pets are more than just a furry companion; they are Emotional Support Animals (ESA). They are these veterans’ consistent source of comfort, loyal partners, provide unconditional and are family. So it seems fitting to us that the men and women who serve so bravely and selflessly, who sacrifice so much in order to protect us, our country and our way of life, should receive the same unfailing devotion to keeping them safe and sound in return. To every individual who wears the uniform, past, present and future, we see you, we honor you, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.