A Truck-full of Chihuahuas

16 Jan, 2019
Bark Avenue Foundation

Recently we were called by a woman named Beverly who has been living in her truck with her five chihuahuas. Yes – FIVE. Before anyone jumps to judgment, Beverly’s story is one of a woman doing the best she can in a difficult situation, trying to get back on her feet and overcome hardship while taking care of her fur family.

After Beverly’s husband passed away, she lost her home. Left with their beloved chihuahuas and nowhere to live, she tried to re-home the pups through a rescue group, but one was lost in the process. Traumatized and heartbroken, she decided she needed to keep the pups to keep them safe, so since then they’ve all been living in her truck. Temporarily she stayed with a friend, but her friend’s neighbor complained about the dogs and she was out.

Despite all her hardship, Beverly is trying to get back on her feet. She just needs a little help right now, and that is what the UPP program is for, to help loving pet parents keep their pets safely so that they can focus on improving their situation. Beverly called us to ask for dog food, as she only had $10 to last her the second half of the month, and EBT (food assistance) doesn’t cover dog food. We brought eight bags of food to her, and through a generous grant from Maddie’s Fund are going to be able to help her with vet visits for her pups so that they can get up to date on vaccines. (They are all already spayed/neutered).

From the food donation from I and Love and You, to the volunteer who delivered the food, to the Maddie’s Fund grant covering vet expenses, this is truly a team effort, and that is how the UPP Program thrives. This is one of the most difficult programs to fund, largely because of the stigma of unsheltered people having pets, so if you feel passionate about this, as we do, please consider making a donation to keep the program going. And, of course, share with your friends!