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We’ve got MORE great news – Valentina, now Gizmo, has found her happy tail!

Now dubbed Gizmo, this little pup has been through a lot already in her young life. Born to a mama suffering from pyometra, she lost all her siblings who were stillborn. She’s already been through parvo AND distemper, and she’s only 5 months old! Sadly her mama passed away after a fierce battle with distemper. All of this and Gizmo is still sweet as pie and has finally landed with the family and future she deserves.

Sherry and Adam have fostered many dogs for BAF, mainly large dogs, and most recently our lovable handsome giant, Rocco. They have shown love and kindness to all these dogs while giving them a second chance at life and a real shot at finding their forever homes, out of the stressful and overcrowded shelters and with more visibility. When Gizmo (p.k.a. Valentina) needed a foster, this couple who’d previously been drawn to the big doggos stepped up to the plate for this petite gal.

As the saying goes, it takes a village, and when Adam and Sherry went out of town for the holidays, yet another dedicated foster, Lorraine, stepped in and kept little Gizmo for a month through the holidays, keeping her safe and showering her with kindness while she recovered from distemper. Sherry and Adam had already fallen in love, though, and Adam just could not bear to let sweet Gizmo go and Sherry agreed, so when they returned from their travel, they made her a permanent member of the family. Happy tails to all! The future is bright and full of puppy kisses.