Empowering pet owners and local communities to
reduce abandoned animal populations through spay
& neuter, pet retention & reclamation, and education.

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Our Impact

2016 in Review

2016 has been a year full of accomplishments and a continued commitment to growth and quality services provided to BAF clients and the community.

Bark Avenue Foundation is committed to serving pets of low-income families and the homeless. Through bi-weekly spay/neuter clinics and other outreach efforts, we were able to deliver care to thousands of animals in 2016. For the litters of puppies or kittens who arrived at our clinics, or the that pets couldn’t be kept in their home, even with our support, BAF assisted with rehoming through no-kill shelters and nonprofit adoption partners. And to save the lives of pets already in the shelter, BAF continues to work with the Downey Animal Care Center to promote adoption and volunteerism.


  • 1500 — Dogs and cats spayed and neutered at mobile community clinics in 2016.
  • 850+ — K-5 students have completed the BAF Humane Education program.
  • 450 — Animals transported by BAF team members and volunteers to no-kill shelters and rescue partners.
  • 356 — Animals adopted directly from Downey Shelter via BAF sponsored mega-adoption event.

*Live Release Rate 450/450= 100% live release rate 

(*live release rate is calculated by the total number of animals that left our organization alive divided by the number of total incoming animals)


UNSHELTERED PEOPLE & THEIR PETS is focused on providing resources and education to people with pets who are in transitional housing and/or without a home. BAF is organically growing this program through referrals, program partners, city officials & law enforcement, and community outreach. The 2016 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count determined that there are 46,874 individuals experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County on any given night, 34,701 of who go unsheltered – they literally live on the street. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, about 10% of homeless people have pets. The need for services is high and continues to grow as both people and their pets are looking for help.

THE BAF HUMANE EDUCATION PROGRAM focuses on teaching basic compassion for animals and to educate K-5 students about safe companion animal care. Since the launch of the program in August, over 850 children have successfully completed the program in schools through the LA area.