Asking for your sUPPort

6 Nov, 2019
Bark Avenue Foundation

For the past year, the Unsheltered People and Pets (UPP) program has met and assisted veterans, domestic violence survivors, sufferers of chronic illnesses, and others from all walks of life who have found themselves without a home. Despite the diversity of background, one thing is the same: their love for their pet. They’d rather sleep on the streets than move to a place if their dog cannot come with them. They’d rather go without food themselves, than see their cat go hungry. 

This is where the UPP program steps in. Whether it’s getting an ESA certification so they can get off the streets and into housing, or an appointment for spay/neuter for a dog, or a removal of  tumor for a cat, or just giving them free pet food and supplies, UPP assists as much as we can where we can. 

Thanks to PetSmart Charities $27,360 grant last October, UPP was able to expand from just a call-in assistance program to a monthly onsite Pet Wellness clinic. UPP partnered with LA Family Housing and on the fourth Monday of every month, homeless pet guardians have brought their pets to get free veterinary services, food, litter, treats, crates, collars, leashes, harnesses, blankets and beds. There’s even occasional specialty items like strollers donated by various organizations. 

Unfortunately, the funds from the grant to kickstart this program will be fully exhausted at the end of this month.  We will no longer be able to help those who need flea & tick medicine for their dog, or speciality cat food formula for their ailing senior cat, or financial assistance for a life-saving operation for their beloved pet. And UPP’s monthly Pet Wellness clinic at LA Family Housing will come to an end unless we can secure the much-needed funding to carry on. 

This November, a month of showing gratitude, giving thanks, and ushering in the holiday season and Giving Tuesday, we ask that you think of and make a gift to UPP. Please consider the veterans who have lost everything except their loyal canine; the domestic violence survivor who has to restart her life, but wouldn’t think of not taking her cat with her. Think of all those who come in every month to LA Family Housing to get a little pet food to make it through the month or get a special toy or treat for their beloved companion. 

By donating to Unsheltered Pets and People, you are making an enormous difference to someone just like you, who puts their pet before themselves. And you are helping those pets not only stay healthy, but stay happy—by being able to stay with the person they love. Please support us so we are able to continue supporting those who love their pets.