Freedom Dogs

The brindle and white sausage-shape dog with pointy ears races across what was once the countryside of France, now scorched earth. He dodges bullets, jumps over trenches, and quickly searches foxholes, his nose leading the way. Nothing can deter him from his mission of finding the wounded sold ...

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Your Dog’s Best Friend

“If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.” That’s how Mark Twain described New England’s fickle weather patterns. For some reason, when I think back to my childhood I don’t remember such drastic change, but I do remember the rains. The thunderstorms. The hurricane watches. ...

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Where Love Was Against the Law

Although it was mid-summer, the sun was already almost to the horizon where I-70 hit the curve of the earth far in the western distance. I took a right off the interstate as instructed and found the unnamed, unmarked construction site that was to be our rendezvous place. Most transports are ...

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Caring For Our Caregivers

“Do something nice for yourself tonight,” my friend Katya said.

“Why?” I asked, oblivious to her reasoning.

“Just trust me. Take care of yourself, okay.”

I hung up the phone and packed my bag for a day of touring shelters in southern California. I was workin ...

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From Cruelty to Compassion: One Voice That Changed a Nation

The formidable woman stood tall in front of the slight man behind the desk. She crossed her hands in front of her, and unsmiling, and questioned him.

“Mr. Waln, where are the watering stations?”

The man sighed, taking off his spectacles and placing them on the desk. The so ...

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The Gift of Spring

CAUTION: may not be appropriate for readers under the age of 10 (contains spoilers about the Easter Bunny) In an age long before man, the German Goddess of Spring, Eostre, was wandering about during the winter time when she came upon a bird in the forest with a broken wing. The bir ...

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Be Kind to Animals… Always

This week marks the 104th year that the American Humane Association has led it’s Be Kind to Animals Week humane education campaign. It started as a poster campaign showing children feeding stray cats or caring for a dog to educate children about being compassionate to animals. They offere ...

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Bugging Out

It had been a restful weekend in the new attic apartment I was renting in Atlanta, Georgia for my current gig. Tucker was already up on the bed, head up by the pillows. I was in the bathroom, and just finished putting the toothpaste on the toothbrush when a single, large, amber-colored cock ...

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Every Day is Earth Day

The year was 1969. Embroiled in a war half a world away, and the country suffering from a loss of their youth being drafted and the world around them crumbling from industrial misuse of resources, pockets of resistance began to grow. The seeds of change took a stronghold in the fertile soil ...

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You Are What You Eat

“It’s too hard to be vegan.”

Those are words I hear often when discussing kinder food choices. Most often, those words are coming from my own mouth. Living in a diverse city as I do, it’s actually a rather lo ...

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