Love On In Every Way

The origin stories of Valentine’s Day are as diverse as love itself. From ancient Roman festivals to saints who were beheaded for their dedication to love, how we arrived at giving gifts of chocolates and flowers to our beloved every February 14 Read Post

Give While You Get

There is a myriad of ways you can give to the non-profits that support the causes dear to your heart. Money, items, time, and effort are all ways we can give of ourselves. Businesses give too: discounts on services to non-profits or in kind gifts. But some busin ...

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The Resolution of Kindness

The year end signifies an ending of a chapter and a new beginning. Anything is possible. We feel like Cinderella, but in a good way: when the clock strikes twelve, all will be different. We become determined to make big changes in our lives. We vow to lose fifty ...

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How to Do the Holidays

Tucker walked into the office, and spying the rubber doorstop not in use by the closed door, he dove for it. Sparkle in his eye and tail a waggin’ he grabbed it loosely so when he turned, it flung across the room, and he scampered to catch up to the bouncing o ...

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Gifts for our Animal Guides

Rachel paused a moment to stop her voice from wavering and keep the tears from falling.“Lola is a huge part of my path, of my journey right now, and I wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for her…” In line a ...

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Giving Thanks… for Giving

This week, millions of people will pack their bags and hit the road or take to the skies, braving spontaneous Nor’easters and inclement weather all in the name of a holiday: Thanksgiving. Americans have deemed the last Thursday in November as the annual return ...

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Fixing the Future, Epilogue: Collateral Repair

Moby had been elusive that first night of TNR, but Jen refused to give up. She had first see ...

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Fixing the Future, Part 2: Letting Go and Hanging On

If the cats were telling this tale, we, the humans, would be the aliens in their alien abduction story and they the victims: baited, trapped, brought to an undisclosed location and anesthetized, only to awaken with evidence of a medical procedure having been ...

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Fixing the Future, Part I: Trapping For Freedom

Had they been coyotes, we would have slowly retreated to the safety of our cars. Had they been cockroaches, we would have fled, screaming like banshees and brushing our crawling skin as if infected. But they were neither. They were just your basic house cat: dozens upo ...

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National Service Dog Month

Since the late 1800’s Labor Day has been the official end of summer. The three day weekend signals going back to school for many, but its original purpose was—and still is—to celebrate the American worker—the blue collar, we-make-America-happen worker. Less kno ...

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