Empowering pet owners and local communities to
reduce abandoned animal populations through spay
& neuter, pet retention & reclamation, and education.

We need your help. They need your love.

Life Saving Transports

Each and every year thousands of pets are tragically euthanized in overcrowded Los Angeles animal shelters. The only way shelters can justify euthanasia is to label these animals as “unwanted.”

We at Bark Avenue Foundation believe that no animal should be deemed unwanted. We believe the current system is unacceptable, but not hopeless. We believe it is fixable. There are many ways we can help solve the pet overpopulation crisis, and we are fighting every day to deliver both tried-and-true solutions like spay/neuter, and innovative life saving efforts such as pet relocation.

That’s where Bark Avenue Foundation’s Transport Program comes in.

RicBrowde_loading_FlyMeHomeTransportBy partnering with no-kill shelters in communities that do not have the overcrowding issues in their shelters like we have here in Los Angeles, we are saving lives. Bringing together volunteers, rescue partners, corporate and individual donors, our Transport Program now rescues shelter pets from high-kill Southern California shelters and transports them to no-kill organizations in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and New York.

Our Transport Program expands adoption opportunities.

Not only do our no-kill partners have the room to receive these lucky souls, but they also have a 100% adoption rate. From their doors, pets are quickly adopted into loving homes. The very same pets who were at risk of being “unwanted,” now become what we always believed they were: wanted and loved.

We cannot continue this important work without your support.

It costs on average, $88 for each dog to be transported to freedom. We hope you will agree that there is no price for freedom, and that you will consider donating to our mission.

With your help, we can get more of these pets to the right place at the right time.

Please join our team and donate a “Boarding Pass” for a pet in need. No amount is too small, and everything you do to share our message and spread news about our program helps the Transport Program thrive. We are excited to welcome you to our live-saving crew, and we thank you for opening your hearts.


It truly is our privilege to facilitate in rescuing animals. We’re so grateful you’re here to help us transport them to their forever homes.

Read inspirational stories below, learn about past and upcoming transports, and contact us if you want to get involved. 

Six No-Kill shelters receive 150 animals from Los Angeles on July 30th

July 30, 2014 More than 150 animals were airlifted to safety from overcrowded high kill shelters in Southern California including Baldwin Park, Downey, Carson, Lancaster, Long Beach, East Valley, SEAACA and Moreno Valley via our Fly Me Home transport program. These animals were sent t …Continue Reading →

48 Lucky dogs flown to loving homes in Washington

July 1, 2014 48 lucky dogs were flown to safety through the Fly Me Home Program which is made possible by the partnership of Bark Avenue Foundation, Wings of Rescue, and Shelter Me. These dogs were saved from high-kill shelters in LA County including Baldwin Park, Downey, Long Beach,  …Continue Reading →

From Palm Springs to Idaho (and Washington)

June 30, 2014 Bark Avenue Foundation connected with Riverside County Animal Services, Animal Samaritans SPCA and Wings of Rescue for the air transport of more than 50 county shelter dogs from the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms, California. The pilots headed to Washin …Continue Reading →

21 Saved on the 12th

June 12, 2014 Twenty-one lucky dogs from the Downey, Baldwin Park and Long Beach Shelters were rescued via the Fly Me Home air transport program. These dogs were flown to safety. Their destination? Southwestern Washington Humane Society, one of our no-kill partner organizations! …Continue Reading →

Mick’s story: A match made online finds new home in Oregon

June 17, 2014 Bark Avenue Foundation received an email from a woman named Kate in Oregon. She was interested in adopting a dog named Mick that she saw listed on the Los Angeles County Shelter website and was wondering if we might be able to help her. Meanwhile, we were in the midst of …Continue Reading →

2 Day transport saves 61 dogs

June 6, 2014 Bark Avenue Foundation with Wings of Rescue, “Shelter Me”, and volunteers and staff from LA County Shelters transported 53 dogs from 8 SoCal shelters to the Kootenai Humane Society in Hayden, Idaho. Two days later an additional 8 dogs were transported to Koote …Continue Reading →

June Goal: 300 Dogs Airlifted to Safety!

June 1, 2014 Each year, millions of pets are euthanized in the U.S. because of shelter overcrowding. Fortunately, there are places in the country that want these animals and can take them in and give them a second chance. Bark Avenue Foundation, along with Wings of Rescue and Shelter  …Continue Reading →

35 Cats and dogs flown to safety in Washington

May 18, 2014 Bark Avenue Foundation, Wings of Rescue and Shelter Me transported 20 dogs and 15 cats from Lancaster Shelter, and 5 cats from Carson Shelter to PAWS in Lynwood, Washington. We need your help to continue airlifting dogs from high-intake/high-kill SoCal shelters to no-kill …Continue Reading →

20 Dogs from East LA’s Downey shelter flown to safety in Oregon

May 17, 2014 Bark Avenue Foundation, Wings of Rescue, and Shelter Me  coordinated a transport from Santa Barbara’s airport to the no kill Southern Oregon Humane Society in Medford, Oregon. Included on this transport were 20 dogs from the Downey Shelter. We need your help to continue a …Continue Reading →

77 Dogs from Los Angeles area shelters find new homes in Idaho

April 28, 2014 In collaboration with Wings of Rescue and “Shelter Me” we airlifted 77 more dogs from 8 SoCal shelters to the Idaho Humane Society in Boise. There is a big adoption event in Boise this weekend and they expect most of these dogs to get adopted. The 77 dogs sa …Continue Reading →