9 Feb, 2021
Bark Avenue Foundation

It’s been said, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Henry took this advice, and at only eleven years old, he has turned his love of baking and cooking into a chocolate business: Sweet Henry’s Artisan Organic Dark Chocolates Vegan, organic, fair-trade, and all handmade in his two person operation (his mother and himself), his chocolate is gaining in popularity among vegans and non-vegans alike.

Animal welfare has always been a cause close to Henry’s heart, as he shares his home with a diverse array of species: two dogs named Bagel and Podo, Ahsoka the cat, Rex the chameleon, Skittles the rainbow gecko, and two pigs: Petunia and Olive. And his love of animals extends to those in the wild as well.  While it is early to be locking into a career, Henry’s current life goals include becoming an animal conservationist in Madagascar.  But since that is still many years away, Henry is striving to make a difference for animals here and now.

And he’s doing just that by adding a new layer onto his business model: charitable chocolates. We are so grateful to Henry for choosing Bark Avenue Foundation as one of his first non-profits in which to contribute to! For every purchase of Dark Chocolate Almond “Bark”, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Bark Avenue Foundation.

Henry hasn’t decided when he will rotate in other non-profit products or if he’ll keep them all up long term, so get them while you can! Please go to, and choose Dark Chocolate Almond “Bark” to contribute to Bark Avenue Foundation.

We look forward to tracking Henry’s success in business and life as a warrior for animal welfare and are honored to be a part of his journey. Thank you, Henry!