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Councilman saves homeless pup and presents Certificate of Recognition

Cudahy 2-19-16 353Not only did Councilman Nestor Enrique Valencia of the City of Bell chose to bring his new pup (name to be determined!) to be altered at our clinic in Cudahy-Bell Gardens on February 17, he also presented Bark Avenue Foundation and Shelter Me with a Certificate of Recognition! We are truly touched, Councilman.

Speaking of that new pup…have you heard where he came from? Councilman Valencia’s own words: “I rescued this little doggy, a Cocker Spaniel, off Gage Avenue in Bell, between Bear and Corona Avenues. He was almost ran over. He was cold and hungry.”

After scanning him for a microchip, posting flyers, posting on various lost and found sites on Facebook, as well as his own Facebook page, no one came looking for him so what did he do? He welcomed the little guy into his very own family! What a lucky dog, not to mention what a fabulous human being! Let us know what name you choose for your new pup!