Delivering Peace of Mind

10 Aug, 2020
Bark Avenue Foundation

With all the donations we received from you this summer, we were able to make numerous food and supply drops to both PATH and LAFH this month. Our last drop to PATH included 87 cases of moist dog food, 16 bags of cat litter, 50 pee pads, 30 pet toys, and clothes! But it’s more than just quantities of supplies; we are delivering peace of mind and comfort. Just after 4th of July, we delivered a dog bed to Tawnee who needed a place to rest. And another of our UPP clients, Jack and his mom Sophie received a bed and stroller so he could recover from a surgery he so desperately needed. 

Every little bit you contribute makes a huge impact in another’s life. A leash may only cost a few dollars, but it is priceless to the guardian who worries about losing their dog, walking them on a makeshift lead; a can of cat food is only 50 cents, but the peace of knowing a loved one is fed is worth far more. We are so grateful to all of you for your compassion and generosity. Know that every bag of dog food, every cat toy, and every penny goes directly back into your community, making a world of difference to the people and pets right in your neighborhood.