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Family of his own after a year living alone!

Bark Avenue Foundation’s mission is PREVENTION, and we don’t typically do hands-on rescue, but there are some cases where a pet in need is unable through any means to stay with his/her person, and we are fortunate to be able to link up a dog in need with a foster and/or adopter, and in those cases we cannot refuse the call.

Otis was just one such case – a 7-year-old terrier whose person had been hospitalized for over a year, and unfortunately was not going to come home. This poor pupper lived by himself in an apartment for a year with a neighbor feeding and walking him. That was no life for a dog! Especially not a dog like Otis, who is great with adults, kids, and other dogs.

We got him into a foster home and got him into surgery for a mass in his abdomen, which was discovered when he was being groomed. His nails were so long that they were curling under his paw pads, he had an ear infection, AND his teeth were in such bad shape he needed a dental and had several extracted.

This came out to a hefty bill of over $600, which we were able to partially cover with funds from a grant, and worked to fundraise the remainder, with his generous foster picking up a significant portion of the tab. Once he was in good shape and had time to readjust to life around people again, he was taken in by Shelter Hope in Thousand Oaks to find his forever family.

If you’d like to support our work with animals like Otis, preventing them from entering the shelters and giving them their “second” chance, please donate.