You Can Help End Pet Homelessness

15 Jan, 2019

“The Financial Benefits of Adopting a Pet: You Can Help End Pet Homelessness”.

Overcrowding is a serious problem in America’s animal shelters. According to the ASPCA, an estimated 1.5 million animals are euthanized every year due to overcrowding — and that’s only dogs and cats.

If you’re considering bringing home a pet in the new year, adopting your furry friend from a shelter can help alleviate this growing problem. You’re also helping end pet homelessness, unhealthy breeding techniques and puppy mills, which subject more than 2 million dogs to devastating and inhumane conditions every year.

As if that weren’t enough, you can actually save money by adopting over shopping. Breeders and pet stores come with considerably higher costs — both up front and over the life of your pet — especially when compared to animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Saving Through Adoption

Adopting your pet from a rescue group or shelter can save you significantly up front. Breeders typically charge $1,000 or more for their pure-bred animals, and pet stores are equally as expensive. What’s worse, these fees rarely include the costly vaccinations, spay or neuter surgery and initial medications that the newly purchased animals need.

Though shelters and rescue organizations may charge an adoption fee, it typically covers the following services:

  • Initial Vaccinations & Wellness Exam – $150-$200
  • Flea treatment – $50-$200
  • Microchipping and registration – $50
  • Heartworm testing and medication – $15-$700
  • Spay or Neuter Surgery – $150-$300

The adoption fee may also cover the cost to treat an animal that arrived at the shelter with a pre-existing injury or illness, something that isn’t typically covered by a breeder.