Give While You Get

24 Jan, 2020
Bark Avenue Foundation

There is a myriad of ways you can give to the non-profits that support the causes dear to your heart. Money, items, time, and effort are all ways we can give of ourselves. Businesses give too: discounts on services to non-profits or in kind gifts. But some businesses are stepping up the giving. They’re letting you do the giving for them—while you’re getting.

Percentage giving has been around a long time. Every time you swipe your Ralph’s card at the grocery store, a percentage of what you spend is donated to your favorite charity. If you haven’t set this up on your card, just go to Ralph’s website, type in your card number, and click on a charity of your choice. Might I suggest Bark Avenue Foundation? Just set it up once and every shopping venture not only feeds your family, but helps fund BAF’s life-saving programs!

Many retail and grocery loyalty cards have similar programs. Target’s new Target Circle loyalty card has taken it in a new direction. Rather than an organization getting a percentage of money you spend, every purchase you make is a vote for your organization getting a larger percentage of the profits Target will donate to charity.

Bark Avenue Foundation is proud to announce that we have been chosen to participate in this new giving program. We are grateful to Target for allowing the community to decide what organizations would best benefit from their charity. The more votes BAF gets, the more spay & neuter clinics we can hold, the more children we can teach compassion to, and the more people and pets we can help stay together during life’s most difficult times. 

And the best part is, it doesn’t cost you anything that you wouldn’t have spent anyway. Here’s how it works:

Get a Target Circle Loyalty card. Don’t have one? It’s easy to join. Get a card in store or sign up online. Make one of the following stores your “home store”: Azusa, Baldwin Park, Brea, Duarte, La Habra, Norwalk, Pomona or Rowland Heights, San Dimas, Santa Fe Springs, and West Covina. It doesn’t have to be the Target you go to or the one closest to your home; just one of these in the communities where BAF does much of our work. Now… go shopping!

Every purchase made online is a vote. If you make a purchase in store, use your Target Circle loyalty card to link the purchase to you. If you forget to do that in store, simply use the Target Circle app to scan the barcode on the receipt within seven days for it to count. Log into your account as often as you like, see all the votes you’ve accumulated, and then… here’s the important part: cast your votes for Bark Avenue Foundation! Between now and March 31st, each purchase you make is a vote—and the more votes you cast for BAF, the more money Target will donate to us.

We know you have a lot of expenses and hardly a dime to spare. So go buy the toothpaste you need, the toilet paper, the bananas, the blanket, the breakfast cereal—whatever you and your family need. By getting what you need, you’ll be giving us what we need to keep serving the community.

Please visit Target, take part in their Target Circle Community Program, and give while you get—so together we can #AltertheFuture.



Stephanie Wescott is a freelance writer whose mission is to save animals’ lives through story. Although she hails from New England and resides in Southern California, you’ll mostly likely find her somewhere in between on the open road with her canine companion Tucker, searching for trails to hike and stories to tell. You can follow their tracks and read their tales at