20 Feb, 2019
Bark Avenue Foundation

Our February 9th Whittier Narrows Spay/Neuter Clinic saw 37 pets get spayed/neutered, which – we know, we harp, but it’s true! – saved THOUSANDS of animals through prevention. And this wasn’t really OUR clinic… it was YOUR clinic! This is the clinic that all of your generous support funded through our Giving Tuesday and holiday campaign! With your support these animals were saved from potential diseases and cancers, and more puppies and kittens were prevented from being born into an already overwhelmed shelter and rescue system, so that not only do they not have to worry about their futures, but those already in the system have a better chance at finding their happily ever after. The best love is the love that cares before there’s a crisis and works to keep the loved ones safe from harm, and that’s what all of you have done. We are immensely grateful and inspired by you all and honored to be able to do this work with your support. And a HUGE THANK YOU to our committed volunteers, staff, and clients for coming out despite the cold and the rain. The conditions were far from ideal and everyone pitched in and showed up because they care so much, and this is what it takes to #AlterTheFuture!