Giving Tuesday

6 Nov, 2019
Bark Avenue Foundation

November is a time of showing gratitude, giving thanks, and for ushering in the holiday season. People travel many miles to sit beside a warm hearth, celebrate a bountiful harvest, and hold their family close.

But not everyone is so lucky to have a bountiful harvest or a warm hearth by which to sit. For those less fortunate, they will spend this holiday season as they have all year, on the streets. They actually hold their family close every day, though: their family being their beloved dog or cat, those loyal souls who do not judge them for the style of their clothes or the size of their bank account.

Soup kitchens can provide meals; government services provide health care for those in need; but for the never-wavering partners of these people, there is nothing. That’s where Bark Avenue Foundation comes in. The Unsheltered People and Pets (UPP) program services these pets who need veterinary care, pet food, and supplies. We all want to give our pets the very best and provide for them not just what they need, but what they deserve. But for those who are experiencing homelessness, it’s not so easy.

Being able to provide for the ones we love is a need we all have. UPP gives that to the homeless pet guardians of Los Angeles. By providing resources such as free veterinary services, spay & neuter, food, litter, treats, toys and beds, we are giving people the gift of being able to provide for their loved ones.

Bark Avenue Foundation is an animal welfare organization, but you can’t help pets without helping people. This Giving Tuesday, December 3rd, please think of Bark Avenue Foundation and their Unsheltered Pets and People program. The lives we touch are not just those of cats and dogs—but people like you and me, who have found themselves in dire circumstances.

Please support our effort to help those less fortunate provide for their most loyal loved ones this holiday season and throughout the year.