Helping to Make Life Better

6 Jul, 2020
Bark Avenue Foundation

Not all of our calls are for food and supplies. Sometimes, a pet needs a little something special. Terry and Rico at LA Family Housing reached out to us when one of their clients, Sophie needed help with her eight year old constant companion and best friend Jack.

Jack, a terrier mix, had gotten injured in a near car accident. His leg had never healed properly, and it hurt him to walk. Sophie couldn’t let him suffer, and the vets told her the best option was amputation.

Sophie wanted to get the procedure done, but needed a plan for recovery. Experiencing homelessness, she did not have the resources for a crate to keep him confined or for a way to get him around. Her own leg injury inhibited her from being able to carry him for long periods of time, and Jack was used to being by his person’s side day in and out.

As soon as we heard Jack needed some post-op supplies, our BAF donors flew into action. Lynda contributed a dog bed, Pets for Life gave us a crate, and the Taylor family purchased and donated a stroller so Jack could stay mobile with his beloved human.

Jack is now on the mend, able to get housed with his pet mom thanks to LAFH. Sophie is grateful, knowing Jack can recuperate safely in his crate and still accompany her around town.

But the appreciation didn’t end there. When the Taylor family saw the smiles on Sophie and Jack’s faces, they expressed how grateful they were for being able to assist. “Our son was excited to know that we helped another pet-family who needed some extra support during a crisis… Thank you for giving me this new connection and opportunity to share some extra love with another dog-mother.”

Our mission is to keep pets safely with the people who love them. But when we can do more than that—by adding richness and ease to their lives—the mission is an even greater success. Not just for the person and pet receiving assistance, but for those who give it. When you give to BAF, you are directly supporting your neighbors and your community. Each of us has an opportunity to make a positive, immediate impact in another’s life with every choice we make and every action we take. BAF is proud to facilitate that, as the more we do that, the stronger and faster we build a more loving and compassionate world.