Holiday Miracle

9 Dec, 2019
Bark Avenue Foundation

As the year comes to a close, the giving season gets into full swing. We are grateful to all our supporters who were able to donate this Giving Tuesday. Thanks to you, $2435 was raised to fund our December Unsheltered People and Pets Wellness Clinic. While we fell short of our goal of $5000, we remain hopeful for that a holiday miracle will keep UPP running in the upcoming year. 

The pets we support are those whose people have found themselves homeless. It may have been mounting medical bills, or fleeing violence, or just one bad circumstance after another—whatever it was, they’ve found themselves without a home. But home has many meanings. While a person or pet without shelter is “homeless,” a pet who is with their guardian is home no matter where they lay their head at night. 

The mission of Bark Avenue Foundation is to keep pets out of shelters and to support them staying safely with their families—whatever their financial situation is. The impact made this past year through UPP’s monthly clinics goes beyond the almighty dollar. These clinics have brought peace of mind and relief to individuals suffering from the stress of homelessness.

Knowing that their loved one has food and that their medical needs are taken care of is priceless to them. But the food and veterinary care does cost money. We know there are families on the streets this winter just waiting for a miracle to get them through, to make it till spring.. in some cases, to make it to morning. For those who come to the UPP monthly clinic, Bark Avenue Foundation is that miracle. 

The banner at the clinic reads “Bark Avenue Foundation,” but it’s not us—it’s you who are the miracle they’ve been hoping for. It is your support, your donations, and your dedication that make UPP Clinics happen.  We do not want the program to end, but without sufficient funds, this month’s clinic will be the last one.

This holiday season, be the miracle we—and the people we support—have been wishing for. Please donate.