Humane Education: Not Just for Kids!

19 Mar, 2020
Bark Avenue Foundation

BAF’s Humane Education focuses on teaching responsible pet guardianship and compassion to children grades 2-5, but we never miss an opportunity to educate all ages.

For their senior project at Hoover High School, Meri Babayan and Mary Athelesia were assigned an animal welfare problem to solve. Given animal hoarding as their topic, they became quickly discouraged they would never find a solution. Hoarding is a mental illness that requires psychiatric care. But they continued researching hoping there may be a solution available from the animal welfare angle.

In their research, they came across Bark Avenue Foundation. They gave Executive Director Christy Schilling a call, and she was happy to help. Not only did Christy email them facts and figures, she invited them to come along to make a difference for themselves.

Meri and Mary joined Christy in Pasadena one February afternoon to canvass a neighborhood, spreading the word about BAF’s no and low cost spay & neuter events. Often hoarders start out well-intentioned: to take in uncared for animals, but it ends up spiraling out of control. Offering spay & neuter to those in need, means fewer pets will have accidental litters, and hoarders will not feel the pressure to take in more than they can handle. 

Meri is grateful to Christy for giving her and her project partner this unique experience. Not only did they learn about spay & neuter, but they also learned the importance of being direct but respectful when discussing animal welfare. Most of all, they learned another way to be compassionate: not only to the animals through spay & neuter, but to their pet guardians in educating them on how this would help not only their pet, but the community as a whole. 

No matter what age we are, we can always learn more. Bark Avenue Foundation is here to help educate all ages in bringing about a kinder, more compassionate future.  Here are a couple of websites to provide Humane Education and Compassionate Learning at home that have some fun activities the family can do together.