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Little Winston was misjudged

UPDATE: See Winston with his new family!  (He has been renamed Romeo; their other dog’s name is Juliet!)

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Original Post: Little Winston was misjudged

winston new cardI was at a county shelter last week and I saw this kennel card. What a story it comes with!

Having a note like “caution…will bite” on a kennel card is pretty much assurance that the dog will be overlooked. Who wants to adopt a dog that bites?  The beautiful boy was there over a month.

Through our partnership with Steven Latham/ShelterMe and Ruth House/ABC7, I was at the shelter taking pics and videotaping various dogs to upload to the webpage.

Even after seeing the warning, I was compelled to ask one of the ACO’s (Animal Control Officers), named Grace (who I ADORE) to please give me a chance with him and get him into the play yard. She and I crawled into the kennel and spent some time gently handing out treats until the little guy crawled into a lap!  No biting…no aggression. We took him into the play yard.

winston 1Boy…what a vicious dog!!!  If you consider smothering you with kisses and cuddles as vicious!!  There was absolutely NO aggression by this little one and it broke my heart to realize he had been mislabeled and ignored for over a month.

As I was cuddling him, I discovered a cat collar so tight around his little neck that it was very close to being imbedded. The shelter had no idea it was there because they thought he’d bite. He wasn’t even given a shelter band!

Now let me be very clear…when a dog gets brought into the shelter…whether it be as an owner surrender or as a stray…he/she is PETRIFIED!  Banging doors, jangling keys, loud barking, loud voices, etc. Who wouldn’t show their teeth as protection?  Heck, I would. Animal’s personalities are NOT how they appear in a shelter and this little guy was no different. When a shelter is as overcrowded as most are, there really isn’t any time for the shelter staff to really work with these scared dogs.

winston cuteThis is a plea for spay/neuter!  Break it down…if people spay/neutered their pets, thousands would never even enter the shelter system and thousands wouldn’t be faced with a future that this boy was facing.

He’s safe now…in fact he’s curled up next to me while we work on adopting him out to a forever home. I’m thinking of naming him Sid Vicious.

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