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Max’s Journey Home

Max’s New Family, Roxann Nydell (trainer), & Laurita Guaico (foster)

Back in 2015, Bark Avenue Foundation had assisted a family with spay/neuter services for their dog Max. Unfortunately, the family was having challenges and they felt Max was getting too big for their home. They decided to move their dog onto the rooftop with limited shelter or shade from the heat. The BAF Team learned about this situation and worked with the family to get them to surrender the pup to us in order for him to be safely rehomed.

The time on the roof had taken a toll on Max and when BAF came to pick him up he became very scared. The owner tried to crate Max and was quickly bitten by the frightened and confused pup. BAF’s Darlene Horvath decided to secure Max in the back seat of her car in order to get him on the road to recovery. During that ride, Max and Darlene became fast friends.

BAF was able to work with Tim Welch at Redefined Dog Training and Boarding facility to secure a spot for Max. After a few days of settling in, Max began his training and healing. During this time, Max also met Redefined Dog’s Assistant Trainer, Roxanne Nydell, and she fell absolutely in love with Max and committed her time to his training.

Tim was able to work Laurita Guaico who opened her home to foster Max and offered to back him through the rescue group she worked with – Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets.

All of these people came together to help Max during this turbulent chapter of his life and we are so happy to say he has now found a forever home!

Max has been adopted!

None of this would have been possible with out the help of Tim Welch and Roxann Nydell with Redefined Dog Training, Laurita Guaico and Friends of Orange County’s Homeless Pets, and Taz (Tahseen Farhat) who is one of FOCHP’s volunteers and played a huge part in Max’s life. Thank you to everyone who opened their hearts to Max and helped him on this long road to finding his forever home!