Membership Has Its Privileges

3 Nov, 2020
Bark Avenue Foundation

When a dog or cat is spayed or neutered through BAF, they receive a microchip that you may say is a super secret lifeline. In fact, it not only saves lives, but in this most recent case, it brought a dog back from the dead.

When Christy received an email from Upland Shelter about a brindle Mastiff being impounded with a BAF microchip, she looked up the records, found the pet guardian’s information and reached out. To her surprise, the woman at the other end of the line, Jacquelynn, said she must be mistaken. “It can’t be Zeus. We just had to put him to sleep last week.”

Zeus had taken a fall, and when he was brought to the vets to treat the broken ankle, she was given the tragic news that this was more than a  broken bone; the prognosis was bleak. Being terminal, it was recommended they put him to sleep.

Out of her mind distraught, last Thursday, she asked her boyfriend to bring Zeus to the vets to avoid him any suffering. In this COVID world, he dropped Zeus off at the door and said good-bye. That was the last she knew of her beloved pet walking this earth.

Christy was apologetic, feeling like this was a horrible mistake. This poor woman just had to say good-bye to her dog and is still grieving, and now she gets a call that her dog might be at the shelter?

But this still was not sitting right with Christy. Certainly mistakes can happen—so it’s possible the wrong number was entered on the wrong paperwork. But the odds of the wrong microchip number on the paperwork of the wrong brindle Mastiff (not a common breed and color that we sterilize)—now that was astonishing. So she took a bet on the next most astonishing thing.

“Will you please just take a look at the photo? Just to make sure?” she asked.

Jacquelynn agreed and Christy re-sent the email with the photo from the shelter. She expected a phone call back immediately confirming of course this was not their dog. But five minutes turned in ten, which turned into twenty, which turned into forty-five. And then the phone rang.

Jacquelynn was sobbing. “It’s Zeus. It’s him.”

In that forty-five minutes, Jacquelynn was shocked, infuriated, and overjoyed. Her rollercoaster of emotions took her from one phone call to another. First to the vets office who explained that before putting Zeus to sleep, they ran the test one more time: the results were that Zeus didn’t have a terminal disease. They tried to reach her, but couldn’t get a hold of her to tell her the news and pick up her dog.

They followed their policy, contacting  the shelter and Zeus was impounded. The shelter ran his microchip, and since the microchip was purchased by: Bark Avenue Foundation they reached out.

Persistence in this absolutely unreal tale is why Zeus is home with his family now. BAF’s mission is to keep pets safely with their people and keep pets out of the shelter. In this case, not only were both achieved, but Zeus was literally brought back from the dead.

Zeus has had quite an adventure; it’s hard to tell if he knows just how close he was to Death’s Door–not just once, but twice!

We are so grateful to the Upland shelter who contacted us, and who worked with us to help Jacquelynne get Zeus back—on the impound fees and transportation. And we all—including Zeus—are grateful to the veterinarian who felt the need to run the test one more time before extinguishing a life. This dog is charmed from beginning to end and back again and clearly has much more work to do before he leaves this earthly existence. We are humbled and honored to know such a lucky dog.

From life to death and even back to life, Bark Avenue Foundation will always be there for the pets in our pack.