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Our friend Albert & his dogs

East LA and PuppiesOur friend Mary contacted us with an urgent situation.  It seemed that a gentleman named Albert she knew had recently lost his leg to diabetes and was struggling with adjusting to his new life as well as handling having 2 dogs and 5 puppies.  The cycle was going to continue with more and more puppies being born so after much discussion, he agreed to allow Bark Avenue Foundation to take the puppies, have them vaccinated, chipped and altered, and then find them forever homes.  The Mama and Papa dogs would remain with him except for the fact that he agreed to allow Bark Avenue Foundation to spay the Mama.  He was insistent that the Papa dog not be neutered.  We are not giving up on that but in the meantime, 5 puppies and their Mama are going to not continue the cycle.

East LA and Puppies 238Bark Avenue Foundation’s Kindra Walker and Amy Klein briefly left one of our Spay/Neuter Clinics in East LA to go to the man’s home and pick up the puppies. They were greeted by a massive hill and a very steep stairway and were flabbergasted on how this wonderful man was managing these heights given the recent surgeries.  He had to go up and down those stairs numerous times a day, on his own, in order to keep everyone fed and happy. What a true fighter!

After providing Albert with plenty of dog food, Kindra and Amy brought all 5 puppies back to the clinic to start their wonderful new lives.  All 5 are in foster care in San Diego now while applications are being reviewed for their adoptions!

We won’t give up. Please help us to continue the fight to save these babies and thousands more. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and we need your help to get there: www.barkavenuefoundation.org/donate/