14 Dec, 2020
Bark Avenue Foundation

Even with our Wellness Clinics on hold for most of the year, the food and supplies you provided still reached the pets and people who needed them. Pet food and supplies were delivered monthly to LAFH and periodically to PATH, and even dropped off to individuals who could not make it to the distribution centers. Over $40,000 worth of pet food, treats, beds, blankets, harnesses, strollers, crates—everything a pet could need—was donated and distributed within your community. 

We are overwhelmed by your generosity and are truly grateful to all of you and the organizations who gave. With so many in-kind gifts, monetary donations were able to go toward veterinary expenses, specialty foods, and fulfilling the special requests needed to bridge the gap pet parents need like dog training or an ESA certification to keep their pet in housing. You have kept the pets of this community fed, cared for and often housed, and given their people the priceless gift of companionship, relief and hope.

We extend special thanks to Home Dog LA for their steadfast support and collaboration, Wags and Walks for sharing their gifts from Amazon’s treasure truck this year, Toni Stone and Critter Crochet for their beautifully handmade cozy blankets, Pretty Litter who donated a truck full of their litter to HSUS Pets For Life who in turn gifted a pallet to us, Pedro Pet Pals who never fails to provide hundreds of cans of cat food each month, and Best Friends, Pasadena Humane Society, Lange Foundation, The Rescue Train, The Pet Project, Cilajet, Jan Perry Contract, and the Epport Family for their massive amount and ongoing in-kind donations of food, treats and supplies.

A bag of pet food isn’t just a meal for a dog or a cat; it’s peace of mind for the person who loves that dog or cat and the opportunity for them to provide for their loved one without having to go without themselves. When there is only enough resources to feed themselves or feed their pet, they always choose their pet. By providing food for their pet, they never have that difficult choice to make.