Humane Education

The BAF Humane Education Program is committed to building compassionate leaders and inspiring children, kindergarden-5th grade, to advocate for the health and welfare of all living beings through quality teaching programs in schools and community organizations to increase awareness and resulting in responsible pet guardianship. Research has shown that teaching children from an early age to participate in community service and empathize with others can greatly reduce the risk of developing bully-like characteristics and the instances of animal cruelty and neglect. The foundation of this program has been created in collaboration with educators Lisa Potiker (Education Specialist / Teacher, M.A. Special Education), Lollie Ragana (Professor, California State University Los Angeles), and Lisa Wiehebrink (Author – “Love Me Gently – A Kid’s Guide for Man’s Best Friend”).

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Latest Humane Education Posts:

Volunteer Spotlight – Christee Quesada

This month we would like to thank Christee Quesada, one of our all-star Humane Educators. Christee has been volunteering with Bark Avenue Foundation for nearly a year and is instrumental in spreading the messages of kindness, compassi ...

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Humane Education Says Goodby Spring, Hello Summer!

We’ve had another exciting session of Humane Education in conjunction with LA’s BEST afterschool enrichment program, bringing lessons of kindness, compassion, and responsible pet guardianship to students in grades K-5. Our three-p ...

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Bark Avenue Foundation Awarded Grant from the Annenberg Foundation!

The Annenberg Foundation recently awarded Bark Avenue Foundation a generous grant to support our life-saving programs including humane education, spay/neuter, and emergency veterinary services to underserved communities throughout the ...

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Little Hands Make a Big Difference

“Who wants to help?” a female voice rings out. “I want to help!”  the voices of kindergarteners answer back. “Who wants to help?” the teacher again asks the children seated in the auditorium. Fifty kids rise up f ...

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