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Bark Avenue Foundation is tackling the pet over population crisis through FREE and low-cost spay/neuter. The cost of fixing a pet is prohibitive for many pet owners resulting in accidental litters, pets born on the streets and animals surrendered to municipal shelters. Our goal is to make a significant impact on the  number of animals being abandoned and euthanized in the shelters.

Some people are reluctant to spay or neuter. They worry the procedure will negatively affect their pet. In fact, spay/neuter improves the health, behavior, and longevity of your pet. Spay/neuter is a  simple procedure with quick recovery time. And perhaps most important, sterilization helps alleviate the pet overpopulation crisis. It helps reduce millions of animals from being born on the streets and euthanized each year. Fixing pets prevents certain diseases, saves money, prevents females from going into heat and improves male pet behaviors.

We spay/neuter approximately 1,000 dogs and cats per year so if you live in Los Angeles County and you need help with spay/neuter, make an appointment under “Get Help” on this site, or contact BAF at

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