9 Feb, 2021
Bark Avenue Foundation

Being responsible seems like the most un-fun thing to do. But not when it comes to celebrating responsible pet guardian month, because anything you do with your pet—or for your pet—is fun!

Since this is responsible pet parent month, it is a great time to assess  what your pet needs. Take them to a wellness exam to make sure they’re healthy; license them with your city, and make sure they are microchipped and that their microchip profile is up to date with your most current contact information. Teach your pet something—anything. From basic manners to more elaborate skills, knowledge is power, and keeps your companion happy and engaged. Provide enrichment for your pets: playing games together, teaching, and going for walks give them purpose and stimulation. All that you do to be responsible is just another way to show your pet you love them. And what could be more fun than that?

If you need assistance, community pet pantries are in your community to help. LA Animal Services runs a pet pantry at East Valley and Chesterfield Square and Michelson Found Animals provides pet food through their Better Neighborhood Project  Other pet pantries include: Fix N Fidos, Paws LA, and Home Dog LA.