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Saved with Three Days left to live!

Hi! My name is Honey.

Sadly I have not been treated like the sweet girl I am until recently. I was walking with my owners on burned paws when a young gal admired and talked so kindly to me. I was shocked when my people handed my leash to the gal. She took me to a new place where there were tons of toys, a bed, and what looked like yummy food but I was not feeling well and couldn’t enjoy any of these things. My tummy hurt and then I started throwing up and could not stop.

My new person didn’t understand and was not prepared for this. She has medical issues herself and recently became homeless. She wanted to help me and knew a vet was needed, so she found Bark Avenue Foundation, who said they would help and found a vet that would see me.

Turns out I had pyometra – a deadly infection of my uterus – and needed surgery immediately. I heard them say I would not have lived much longer and this could have all been avoided if I was spayed, which many places offer for free/low cost. Did my owners give me away because they knew I was sick?

I am so thankful for the nice lady who took me and Bark Avenue Foundation’s willingness to help. My new person has been using her Food Assistance benefits to buy food for me, and nobody knew I would need a surgery to save my life that ended up costing $1400, so if you can help even a little bit that would be SWEET like me!

Thank you!