Empowering pet owners and local communities to
reduce abandoned animal populations through spay
& neuter, pet retention & reclamation, and education.

We need your help. They need your love.

Saving Thousands of Lives with One Big Weekend!

Bark Avenue Foundation sent September out with a bang, altering over 100 pets between our two clinics in El Monte and East LA. These compassionate and responsible pet parents have saved hundreds of animals over the next year,  and hundreds of thousands of animals over the next 6 years! As you can see in the graphic below, dogs multiply incredibly quickly, and cats even quicker, so our best hope of saving the animals who need us now is to prevent more from being born.

This was an amazing weekend of clinics and we were so excited to see everyone out with their beloved fur-babies and hear their stories of why they decided to get them spayed/neutered. A recurring theme among those we talked to was preventing illness and saving more animals. Our hearts were bursting to hear how many people had received this valuable information! The battle for spay/neuter is sometimes uphill because of misinformation and lack of information, but this weekend gave us hope that that tide is turning, which is a huge win for the animals!


Not only did these dogs and cats get spayed and neutered, we also had bags of food and flea control to give out as party favors. Check out the haul of donations we brought with us! How’s that for some pre-Halloween trick-or-treating??