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Smiley finds his forever family!

Smiley 4Come read all about Smiley, the adorable pup we immediately fell in love with who despite being on death row kept on smiling!

In December I fell in love at the Downey Animal Care Center. His name was Smiley. I was walking down the row of kennels and stopped short the second I saw his face. I just knew that I had to spend some time with him in the yard. And so we did. We cuddled. He was quite the expert hugger. I desperately wanted to get him out but we were out of fosters so I had no choice but to leave him there and Bark Avenue Foundation began the search.

At the same time, Linzi Glass, with The Forgotten Dog Foundation, a dear friend and long time fellow rescuer, contacted Melanie Pozez, Founder of Bark Avenue Foundation, for help in getting a dog out of Downey. Guess who that dog was?  Smiley!  And even better, Linzi had someone who wanted to adopt that big hunk.

Smiley 3But, somewhere between me cuddling him in the yard and Linzi’s phone call, Smiley’s grade on his temperament test changed. He was being deemed food aggressive. I can attest to the fact that Smiley had absolutely no aggression that I could see. And because of the change, he was now “rescue only”.

Joe Bravo, a super-nice guy as well as a longtime volunteer for @ForgottenDog Foundation, who has owned pitbulls in the past, wanted to adopt Smiley.  He visited Smiley daily, and his kids had been going there regularly to see the dog, who is clearly great with people. Given Smiley’s new status as having failed his temperament test, Smiley’s plight wasn’t looking good. Joe was so worried that they would euthanize him the very next day.

That was when Linzi called Melanie, who was thrilled to help get this boy OUT!

Smiley 5Long story long…Smiley is now snoring away (rather loudly it seems) at home with his new forever family…the Bravos.

When they say it takes a village…

Thank you to the Bravos, @LinziGlass, @MelaniePozez and @IrisBassis

If you would like to become a foster, please visit our website at www.barkavenuefoundation.org