10 Aug, 2019
Bark Avenue Foundation

It’s bittersweet to report that our grant funds for our Whitter/Bell spay/neuter clinics have run out. We’re so grateful to have had the funding as long as we did, and we’re glad to have used it all because that means we’ve been spaying and neutering so many pets! But now we need the community to rally and help us continue this essential service to save animals’ lives. This is one of the simplest, most important ways to prevent animals from ending up in shelters, on the street, and being euthanized. 

Each clinic costs approximately $4000 and alters about 40 pets. That’s an incredible rate and our providers work tirelessly through the day to support this cause at such a reasonable fee. 

Can you join us and support this mission? 

$10 donation provides a microchip 

$25 donation provides vaccinations

$80 donation fixes one cat

$100 donation fixes a dog