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Update: In Memory of Jasper

Jasper 91Jasper, like so many dogs in Los Angeles ended up at the shelter several months ago. Despite being a loving boy who was constantly networked by Amy Klein at Bark Avenue Foundation, Jasper’s light began to fade. He became increasingly depressed, and his body began to fail. After refusing to eat and be treated for his illness, and with no public interest or hope of ever finding a forever home, Jasper was sadly euthanized. Our hearts break for Jasper who only wanted to be loved, not forgotten.

Jasper’s sad fate is a constant reminder of the dire need for spay/neuter and support of our local shelters.

So in Jasper’s honor, adopt a pooch from the pound and spread the word about spay & neuter. Consider adopting a dog from your local shelter, or volunteer to help more dogs like Jasper who need advocates and love to live.

RIP dear Jasper! We will never forget you sweet boy!


Original Post: Spread the word about Jasper

jasper2I received an email today from a wonderful woman who works at a local shelter. She works tirelessly trying to save as many animals as she can.

This one was about Jasper:

“Hello Amy,

Just wanted to notify you that our doctor came to me today advising that 16-19159 (Jasper) is no longer eating and refusing to take his treatment. He currently has no public interest or adoption partner interest. Please let me know if you know anyone who may be interested in pulling him”

He is running out of time. That’s what the email means in a nutshell.

What should I do?  Just ignore it?  No. And I know all of you wouldn’t want to ignore it as well.

This is when we need to band together and spread the word as far and wide as we can and help these poor souls. Share this post with family, friends, business associates, everyone!  Someone out there wants to give this guy a forever home. He deserves that.

This wasn’t a unique email. We receive these every single day. I wish people truly understood the importance of Spay/Neuter. So many lives would be saved.

See more about Jasper at: http://www.shelterme.com/SEAACA/jasper678