Victory is a Team Sport

22 Feb, 2019
Bark Avenue Foundation

Sometimes things go perfectly – everything that is supposed to happen does, and nothing that ISN’T supposed to happen happens.

Other times, things go awry – accidents happen, schedules get changed, and things crop up that are least expected. It’s times like those that you really learn what people are made of, and who you want to have on your team.

Our clinic in Pasadena on 3/30 was ‘one of those times’ when some very unexpected things happened, and we are amazed by, and ever-grateful for, the team – the ENTIRE group of folks involved – who pulled together. One and all made the seemingly impossible possible, and reaffirmed our faith that we are doing the right thing. Thirty-eight – that’s right – 38 pets were spayed/neutered Saturday!!! That feat translates into literally thousands of puppies and kittens being saved from winding up on the streets or in a shelter.

It’s impossible to name each and every person (and pet) who showed utter grace and patience in the most trying of circumstances, along with some incredible creativity and ingenuity, but those of you who were there know who you are! We send our deepest thanks and appreciation to the veterinarian and mobile unit team from Riverside, our pets and pet parents and, last but most certainly not least, all our wonderful BAF team that included staff and volunteers – you are the village everyone wishes they had! We truly could not do this without such amazing volunteers who give their time and energy for the cause just because they care.

We also want to give a shout out to Pasadena Humane Society (PHSUS) for standing with us, ready to jump in and help out. Proof that, working together, we truly can #AlterTheFuture! We received very limited funding to continue services in the much needed Downey area, so please donate if you can to help us continue this vital service. Whether or not you’re able to donate, sharing is caring! By helping us reach a larger audience, you increase our potential to raise funds and help more animals. Thank you!