Tales of Tails – Volunteer spotlight: Stephanie Wescott

9 Dec, 2019
Bark Avenue Foundation

Stephanie Wescott has been writing about pets – and people – since…well, since she could hold pencil to paper! In fact, you might say (she does) that it’s always been her purpose: ‘Story and animals have always been intertwined for me, and while I know that’s my life purpose, I’m still on the journey to figure out how to make it my life’s focus.’ 

For now, Stephanie focuses on using her mammoth writing talent as a force for good, authoring the BAF Blog and countless stories for our monthly newsletters, among many other works. She also pitches in on outings and events and is a welcome and reassuring presence at our monthly Unsheltered People and Pets clinics.

Animal welfare has always been a part of Stephanie’s life, but it wasn’t until she came to Los Angeles that she really got involved with the world of rescue, providing a loving home for the many pups she fostered until finally, in 2013, it caught up with her. She got the dreaded foster-fail and succumbed – her handsome, steadfast Tucker has been her one-and-only pup for 6 years, and what a lucky dog he is!

 Stephanie’s ‘day’ job is, like she, unconventional. She works in accounting for feature films and television so her job takes her all over the country, working months at a time on end, until the project wraps and she’s free to utilize her time as she sees fit – which generally means diving right back into rescue work and writing full time. And Tucker accompanies her wherever she goes – whether that be work OR play – he’s a great hiking partner!

Stephanie got involved with BAF, like many of our volunteers, through her friendship with our ED Christy Schilling. They met PT (pre-Tucker), while Stephanie was still transporting and fostering dogs. As serendipity would have it, Christy was coming to helm BAF right around the time Stephanie crossed paths with Tucker. When it became obvious, she could no longer transport or foster pups, Stephanie found that BAF offered the perfect opportunity for her to still volunteer, and to continue to make a difference in changing the lives of pets and their people for the better. Not surprisingly, the writer herself says it best:

‘Turned out BAF is perfect for me now. Rather than fostering one dog at a time, I get to hear and then retell the stories of pets and their people. Saving lives through story has always been my purpose, even before I knew how to phrase it. When I fostered, I wrote about my foster dogs, how they blossomed and changed, and wrote to find their soul-person. Now I write about pets and their soul-people in all their various circumstances. I learn how others are inspired by their own pets, and BAF’s work to keep families together and teach compassion is something I can write about up until the end of time.’

We sincerely hope she does.

Thank you, Stephanie, for all you do to make BAF shine and our world a brighter place!