The demos were great! We got a great response from the audience and Laura and Christine were wonderful!

The first one is always a bit shaky just because it’s the first one and everyone has to get the feel for it, but in no way was bad.

The second and third were perfect! The ladies brought in all the children to sit around and play the adoption game and they loved it! The educational aspect was on point and I could not have asked for better! You and your team are amazing!

I can’t wait for the next demos, it was so much fun and I even got to make a toy for my pup! –Britt California Science Center


“Thank you so so much for sharing your pics and all of the wonderful services for our participants’ support animals. This was truly an amazing event and the first of its kind on site! The staff and participants are already awaiting your next arrival.”  Kelsey Madigan, MSW Director of Interim Housing LA Family Housing


Thank you for doing what you do! This goes without saying—but I will say it anyway—our participants’ lives are often centered around their pet. Because of the work you do—our participants’ breathe a little less heavy knowing that their best friends have the care and treatment they need to be safe and live healthier lives. Best, Kris Freed Chief Program Officer LA Family Housing


Bark Avenue Foundation has assisted LA Family Housing in our shared mission to keep companion animals with their owners as a continued support in their joint journey to permanent housing. Not only have they brought vet care, food, toys, leashes, medication etc. on site, but they have served our companion animals with devotion and outstanding care. Bark Avenue Foundation has assisted a countless number of our companion animals and our participants eagerly await each pet clinic!  Kelsey, LA Family Housing

“I truly admire your organization and commend you for all the work you do for the community and animals. I can’t stop raving about BAF at work and school. I’ve used your organization as an example when presenting or sharing of what I want to support/create as I develop into a leader in the nonprofit sector.” Christine Posadas