The Difference a Set of Wheels Make

30 Mar, 2021
Bark Avenue Foundation

A pet stroller may seem like a luxury to some, but for those experiencing homelessness with their pets, it is truly a lifesaver. Not always having transportation, they often have to walk long distances through crowded sidewalks and across all terrains. Carrying a cat carrier all that time is near impossible, and worrying about a small dog at the end of the leash being stepped on or tangled up in the crowd is just an added danger and stress. Seniors and others with mobility issues and medical ailments find strollers to be the only way to keep them and their beloved companions protected with them, whether on the move or staying in one location.

Thank you to the thoughtful anonymous donor who provided us with THREE brand new pet strollers Thursday! We delivered them to People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) on Sunday, and already one lucky dog is riding in safety with his mom again.