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reduce abandoned animal populations through spay
& neuter, pet retention & reclamation, and education.

We need your help. They need your love.


“…Nothing’s going to change, it’s not.” That’s a quote you may have heard from Dr. Seuss, and we are so thrilled by those in our community who DO care an awful lot and are making such positive change for animals. We were recently called to help a kindhearted cat-lover, Denise, who was concerned about the stray cats in her neighborhood and their frequent litters of kittens. So, of course, we had to jump in!

Denise first saw one of the cats, Spirit, who looked sick, so she trapped and transported her to the vet, and then a foster that kept her until she was well enough to be spayed and returned to Denise to be released, which she has been. BAF helped with the medical costs to treat her for mange and get spayed, and provided food/supplies.

But there were MORE cats! This required a more coordinated effort, and between BAF staff and volunteers and Denise, seven were trapped and brought to FixNation to receive vet services, disease testing, flea treatment, vaccines, and spay/neuter surgeries. All seven have since been released by Denise, where she will feed and care for them and they can live out their lives without the stress of having kittens or pyometra and without putting more kittens into harm’s way on the street or in a shelter.

This is the first time Denise has participated in trap, neuter and release/return (TNR). She rescued one kitten from the street, who still had his umbilical cord attached when she found him. She took him to the shelter, but was told that given his tiny size and needs for care, he would be euthanized if left there. She couldn’t stand the idea of his little life ending so soon, so she took him back home and began researching how to raise a neonatal kitten. As he got bigger and stronger, she tried to find a home for him, but when it came down to it she just couldn’t bear to part with him and she and her family decided to keep him. He’s now named Micky.

Not wanting him to be lonely, Denise went to the shelter and adopted another kitten to be a companion to Micky, and brought home a little girl about the same age, named Myka. They’re both about 8 months old now, and completely adored by their family, especially Denise’s autistic son who has bonded especially strongly with not only their official cats, but the strays as well. Denise says he’s an enthusiastic advocate for the cats and gets excited every time they come around for food. One of the strays, now named Ashy, has decided she doesn’t really want to be a stray anymore and has stuck around to become the family’s third cat. Denise would love to find a good home for Ashy – if you or anyone you know is looking for a feline addition to your family, she’s about a year old and a total love bug!

Thanks to Denise and all of the animal advocates out there for being the change, caring an awful lot, and helping to #AlterTheFuture! Happy National Volunteer Appreciation Week!