Volunteer Spotlight – Annie Wiebe

3 Oct, 2019
Bark Avenue Foundation

Animal advocate and Jane of all trades by day and stand up comedienne at night, Annie Wiebe knows the bond between people and their pets is no laughing matter. Since 2016, Annie has been with Bark Avenue Foundation, volunteering her time at numerous BAF events and lending her talents to wrangling and writing the monthly newsletter and social media posts. 

One of her reasons for signing on with BAF is the same as many others: Christy. But even more than that she supports the angle BAF takes to make a difference: “…It aims to get ahead of the problem rather than chasing from behind, which is not a real solution.” The mobile spay & neuter clinics are almost always booked. Without the clinics, the surgery would be inaccessible to those that attend: either financially, geographically, or both.

As a stand-up comic, Annie knows instantly if she’s made an impact. Silence or a laugh and she knows if she’s succeeded in her goal. In Humane Education, the impact is just as immediate and obvious. “Watching them engage with the presentation and take in the information gives hope for a better future for the animals.”  For many of these children, this is the first time they learn how to respect animals and treat their pets as members of their family, not objects or toys.

The Unsheltered Pets and People program hits close to home for Annie. Moving to Los Angeles in 2009 to follow her dream of writing comedy, Annie has known her share of financially scary times. She often contemplated what she would do if she ever found herself homeless, and never once was giving up her dachshund/border collie mix Lacy an option. Annie finds hope and peace knowing–and being a part of–this unique program that helps people stay with their pets during rough times.

Annie is still chasing her dream, but is close to catching it. Spending more time writing professionally and performing her comedy, she has had to step down from being Head Writer here at BAF.  While she will no longer be lending her scribing talents to BAF, she will always be standing up for animals. Trying and sharing new vegan recipes, helping out at BAF special events, and even leading by example each time she takes her now-senior faithful companion Lacy for walks every day, Annie is still dedicated to animal welfare.

While we will miss Annie’s daily contributions to BAF,  we thank her endlessly for her dedication and commitment and wish her much success in her career endeavors. We will certainly be following her on Instagram at @jokesnrapsnjokesnraps to catch her performances. If you’d like to contribute your talents, writing, taking photographs, making flyers, collecting stories, or doing something we never even knew we needed, please contact Christy Schilling at christy@barkavenuefoundation.org.