Volunteer Spotlight – Nancy Lewis

6 Nov, 2019
Bark Avenue Foundation

Some people might call BAF volunteer Nancy Lewis a “hippie.” If believing love is the most powerful force in the universe makes her one, then she’s proud to hold that title. She says, “If we were all able to live with that attitude, we’d see the end of a lot of suffering and terrible things that happen in our world.”

This positive energy drives Nancy in work, play, and volunteerism. When she first came to Los Angeles over a decade ago, she connected with Bark Avenue Foundation and was immediately compelled to get involved. The programs resonated with her beliefs about how to make the world a better place: teaching kindness, empathy, and compassion, helping those who need support, and preventing pet overpopulation.

Nancy has been volunteering with animal welfare organizations since she was twelve years old. As an adult, her mission to bring about positive change has extended beyond animal welfare. When she’s not volunteering, she’s leading the charge to help people learn how to live healthier lives. Her job entails not only overseeing classes about nutrition and mindful exercise, but also developing an urban agriculture program, and setting up and overseeing food pantries for those in need.

Bark Avenue Foundation is the perfect fit for someone determined to create a kinder, more compassionate future. She is the woman behind the words you read on many of BAF’s social media posts, has adopted two of BAF’s adoptables (now named Milk and Pootie Smith), and volunteers at numerous events. You might have seen her with Milk and Pootie walking with BAF at Strut Your Mutt this October. She was proud to raise funds for the programs she cares so much about, while also having fun with her pups and sharing the day with so many like-minded, passionate people.

Bark Avenue Foundation is grateful to have Nancy on our team, and we appreciate every way she contributes—in words and actions. Together with BAF and in all she does, Nancy is living and accomplishing her dream to make this world a more beautiful, loving, and better place for all.