Volunteer Spotlight – Sandra Zamora: Right Where She Belongs

19 Mar, 2020
Bark Avenue Foundation

As a lifelong animal lover, Sandy Zamora has always wanted to be involved in animal welfare, but she didn’t know how she could make a difference. Luckily her life path led her to a critical thinking and writing class at Cal State LA where her Professor, Lollie Ragana, introduced her to people and organizations looking for volunteers.

One of her class assignments was to go to an event that helps curb pet overpopulation. Sandy signed up to volunteer at one of Bark Avenue Foundation’s Spay & Neuter Clinics. She really didn’t think that helping to set up a table or taking pictures would make a difference, but working the booth that day she saw just how much of an impact she had made.

Meeting people with their pets and working side by side with Tanya and Lidia (two of the most amazing human beings Sandy has ever met!), she experienced first hand the many lives that are touched by this program. She took photos and listened to the people’s stories, and realized this was one way she could contribute positively to the world. Best off all, she had found a place where she felt she truly belonged.

Sandy has no one favorite memory from her volunteer experiences; all are important to her. As a full time student, she has plenty on her plate already with her studies and caring for her own seven year old Chihuahua named Cookies. But Bark Avenue Foundation is now something else delicious to enjoy on that plate. Even though the class assignment is done, Sandy doesn’t plan to stop volunteering with BAF, which the staff, volunteers and clients are all thrilled about because she provides exceptional customer service!

Sandy says, “From the beginning, they made me feel as if I was part of the Foundation.” Sandy is more than just a part of the organization; Sandy—and all of our volunteers—ARE Bark Avenue Foundation. We are forever grateful for Sandy and her contributions to our mobile spay and neuter clinics, and we look forward to her volunteerism for many years to come.