14 Dec, 2020
Bark Avenue Foundation

A global pandemic put our monthly on-site clinics at LA Family Housing on hold in the spring, but that didn’t stop pets from getting the medical care they needed. We receive more than 100 calls and email inquiries for assistance each month, and thanks to your support, we do everything in our power to help them all. From Tommy Jr’s long-term treatment to Harley’s emergency visit, every pet was cared for through your generous support. 

By providing veterinary assistance, hundreds of dogs and cats are able to stay safely with their people, and some pets–many found by those experiencing homelessness themselves–are able to get the care they need to get healthy and find their own forever homes.

Like Samantha who found cats being dumped in the Big Lots parking lot where she was staying, or Emily who wanted to help a sick stray her neighbor abandoned, or Bertha who already had one cat but couldn’t turn away a dog she found tied up in her neighborhood, it is those without the means who are most willing to take in and help the abandoned, neglected and ill pets in our community. Having experienced a lack of shelter themselves, they know the priceless value of home. They know what it is to go without, to struggle to survive, to feel helpless and lost, so when they see a pet going through the same thing, they will do everything in their power to help them. 

And thanks to you, we do everything in our power to help them. We are always just a phone call or email away, but our clinics are still the easiest place for people to find us and get access to resources. So when we were given the green light with safety protocols in place, BAF returned  on-site, providing a Wellness Clinic in July at the East LA YMCA, and offering non-surgical vet care at three separate Project Roomkey sites in the Los Angeles area this fall which served over 100 pets and scheduled dozens for spay/neuter.

And that’s not all. This summer, we began a collaboration with the East LA YMCA and Michelson Found Animals, attending their Wednesday people and pet food pantry. Pet parents pick up food and are welcome to meet with us, sign up for spay & neuter, get referrals for vet care, and discuss resources to keep their pets safely with them no matter what life throws their way.