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reduce abandoned animal populations through spay
& neuter, pet retention & reclamation, and education.

We need your help. They need your love.

WORLD SPAY DAY – A Global Effort to Save Animals

Every year, on the last Tuesday of February, a global effort takes place to save the lives of companion animals through prevention – that is, tackling the cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms. We could not love the stories of animals getting adopted more, but what breaks our hearts here at BAF are all the animals needlessly euthanized or killed on the streets because their parents weren’t spayed or neutered, and more precious animal lives were brought into the world only to be extinguished because they can’t find homes.

That’s why SPAY & NEUTER is so important, and we were so honored to take part in the World Spay Day campaign again this year, with our mobile clinic at Whittier Narrows Park on 2/17. Throughout the year, we host 2-3 clinics per month to tackle this issue, and it warms our animal-loving hearts to have a large-scale event like this, which not only saves animals’ lives, but highlights the huge community of other like-minded people. No one is in this battle alone, and the team effort and solidarity help us all continue to fight, even on the hard days, even when we might get disheartened by slow progress or seeming stagnation. We ARE advancing this cause with the help of many other organizations around the country and throughout the world, and none of this would be possible without the support of animal lovers like YOU helping us spread the message and fund these efforts.

So a HUGE thank you to everyone involved, from donors to volunteers, veterinarians to rescue organizations, responsible pet guardians to vocal advocates… we’re all in this together!

Interested in more info about Spay/Neuter or want to send to someone you know who has concerns? Here’s a great resource: http://spayneuter.org/why-spayneuter/