30 Mar, 2021
Bark Avenue Foundation

Hansen’s mom Yolanda could see he was in pain, but wasn’t sure what was wrong. “He had been curling up in a ball after his walks for about 3 weeks and it was hard for me to comfort him because I didn’t want to hurt him.” She called around to get quotes on a vet exam and realized she would have to get a second job to afford any of them. “But with the pandemic, I was losing hope.” And even if she managed to scrape together the money for the exam, it was unknown what the treatment would cost. Hansen’s health was declining quickly. He started refusing his regular walks. She searched everywhere for medical assistance, and then, “Luckily, I stumbled upon Bark Avenue Foundation and my worries began washing away. I was referred to a local clinic, and I rushed my little Hansen there for a next day appointment.”

The vet concluded that Hansen was suffering from arthritis and breathing issues. His mom was able to walk out of the clinic with the medication Hansen needed to alleviate his pain and get on the mend.

“Thanks to The Bark Avenue Foundation, we could afford medication to provide our little Hansen with pain relief and understand how to adjust his lifestyle to prevent further health complications. We appreciate this organization and everything they’re doing to help keep families together! Thank you so much for serving our community and blessing my family during these hard times.”

And thank YOU, to all who contribute to BAF. Your light shines on, brightening the lives of pets and their families, giving them hope and good health.